1.1 What are the advantages of KLART high performance doors and windows?

KLART high performance doors and windows system have been tested to the British standard under hash weather scenarios. There is no water nor pressure leakage under the pressure of 1.6 kPa.

1.2 My house is near to the main driveway, can KLART system cut off the irritating traffic noise?

Yes, Klart system has been adopted in a high rise building in Melbourne, Australia where there is a subway next to it. It can bring the noise level down from 75 Db to 50 Db ideally.

1.3 I was told that big window is not advisable, but I would love to have a huge window to have a better ventilation while not having too much of aluminium sections. Can KLART system accommodate this?

Yes, KLART system can accommodate window up to 1.2m width and 2.1m height.



  2.1 What is the maintenance required for aluminium doors and windows?

Generally, aluminium doors and windows are maintenance free beside cleaning of glass. KLART provides operation and maintenance manual for our customers.



3.1 What are the security features of KLART system?

KLART sytem was developed with a proprietary fittings including tamper proof concealed mechanism and locking system to give greater resistance to unwanted intruders.






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